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Our Team

The Team! That’s what we are all about. It’s our people that make us tick. We have an awesome team here at WBOPSCS and a great company culture. Meet some of our key people by checking out their profiles below and if you are keen to become a part of this great bunch of Good Buggers, check out our Jobs section now!

Daniel Pepperell

Son of Mark, and the young gun of the industry, Daniel is the driving force behind the company’s growth and development. His official title is CEO, but prefers to be called a Good Bugger. He has a passion for coffee and gets really annoyed at coffee houses that don’t know the difference between a Long black and a Americano!

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+64 27 484 5103

Mark Pepperell

Founder, human encyclopedia and guru of the industry, Mark is invaluable to the culture of this company. He is the original Good Bugger! He blames technology for everything, but admits you just can’t live without it!

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+64 27 494 5773

Darren Hart

Commercial Manager
With the sound of his sultry scottish accent, Darren joins us from the New Zealand of the Northern hemisphere, bringing with him over 10 years of Senior Construction Commercial Management on projects as large as 230 Million Pounds. He disappointed the team when he confirmed the Loch Ness Monster is not actually real…

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+64 21 449638

Billy Cummins

Health & Safety Manager
Don’t be worried if you can’t understand Billy, not many of us can with his thick Liverpool (Scouse) accent. After starting with the company as a ceiling installer, Billy moved to his preferable and experienced role as H and S manager, bringing with him higher standards and experience from the english sector. Just don’t get stuck talking to him about Soccer….he loves Soccer… and don’t call it Soccer…

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+64 21 441 268

Jayne Porter

Accounts Receivable

Ingrid Hollard

Accounts Payable
Ingrid has a passion for getting things right (Must be her dutch heritage!) making her perfect for processing and paying hundreds of bills a month. If you cant see Ingrid, you can always hear her laughing from somewhere in the building!

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Simon Wynn

Tauranga Branch Manager
Our resident Viking from Wales, all round nice guy Simon although new to the industry brings a wealth of knowledge from his time in logistics and transport. Even though he has been in NZ for many many years, he still supports the Welsh and Lions, and was very pleased with the recent New Zealand tour!

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+64 21 889 384

Heath Senor

Hamilton Branch Manager
Another Soccer (football) nut from Manchester, Heath is well known and very well respected within the industry as a positive go getter who always leads from the front. Heath has over 30 years of experience in operations and construction management, and has taken his branch to a world class level of customer service. We think all this energy must come from the amount of coffee he drinks in a day, over 10 cups!

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+64 21 889154

Bronson Taylor

Tauranga Contracts Manager
After spending a few years contracting to the Tauranga Branch, Bronson was employed full time as a Site manager, and has grown within the business to now hold a Contracts Manager position. If you can’t find Bronson he will most probably be in the bush being a real man while the rest of us feel emasculated!

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+64 21 585 609

Tony Steel

Hamilton Contracts Manager
Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No its our own man of Steel, Tony. He can’t fly, but he works as fast as a speeding bullet, and definitely has x ray vision. With over 30 years of Construction Management experience, our Mr Positive delivers projects on time, within budget and with a smile! When he’s not flying around saving the world he is on his boat, catching fish that weigh more than he does, well thats what he says…

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+64 21 889 594

Irena Schrijvers

Tauranga Office Manager
The first face you see in the Tauranga Office, Irena brings class, sophistication and calm to a sometimes bustling office. Her eye for detail and dry humor makes her a great fit for the team!

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Lorraine Walsdorf

Hamilton Office Manager
Lorraine brings a woman’s touch to the heavily male office. Her friendly personality and polite manner are what you will receive when speaking with her. But don’t be fooled! She keeps her own by impressing everyone with the Harley Davidson she rides!

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+64 7 834 1514

Matt Boss

Tauranga Quantity Surveyor
Joining us from many years in the residential sector, the “Boss” is our numbers man in Tauranga and compliments our team with more experience. Matt makes all of the team want to re evaluate their gym schedule, as we struggle to keep up with him even up the stairs!

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Cameron Oosthuizen

Hamilton Quantity Surveyor
Starting as an Estimator, Cam has worked his way up to Quantity surveyor due to his attention to detail, sharp wit, and willingness to get things right. He is the office joker and has made up a nickname for everyone within the organisation! He is a sport fanatic, and is a die hard fan of the Springboks, much to the amusement of the rest of us 🙂

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+64 7 834 1514

Lee Mackintosh


Jalmar Solano

Construction Estimator
Hailing from the Philippines, Jalmar is our resident Estimator after years working in the construction sector in Singapore and abroad. He loves basketball and wishes he was as tall as any of them!

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Andre Basset

Team Leader

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Jamal Reriti

Team Leader

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Evan Austin

Long Term Employee
Evan started with us when he was just 17, and the now CEO Daniel was hardly walking. Special mention must go to this rocker who has put in many years worth of service to the good buggers. Its employees like Evan which gives our company a great name, without them we would be nothing.

Joel Pepperell

Jono Skelton

Chris Jespersen