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What began as a small family business is now a major part of commercial construction in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato region. In Tauranga and Hamilton, we employ over 30 people whilst providing a one stop shop for quality commercial fit outs. As Good Buggers, we’re big on being fair, honest and timely. Our staff is what makes this company tick.

Where It All Began…

From humble beginnings…

Mark and Rachel Pepperell started trading as Suspended Ceiling Services (SCS) in August 1988 with only $2000, no vehicle, and no idea of what lay ahead. SCS soon grew and expanded its service offering to include plasterboard linings, plastering, steel stud partitioning and insulation.

In 1991, Suspended Ceiling Services became a Limited company, and took on the now well-recognised name of Waikato Suspended Ceilings Ltd (WSCS). Mark and Rachel had by then employed up to 21 staff, some of which are still with the company today.

In 2006, Daniel Pepperell opened Bay of Plenty Suspended Ceilings in Tauranga, after learning the skills working for WSCS since leaving school and in 2009 the decision was made to join Bay of Plenty Suspended Ceilings and WSCS and together. Father and son started working side by side, and together now own 100% of both businesses.

Their hard work and resilience right through the global recession paid off, and Waikato and Bop Suspended Ceiling Services Ltd now have over 70 staff working over two branches in Tauranga and Hamilton. They are a major part of commercial construction in the region.

Also known as the Good Buggers, these interior construction specialists have done some impressive work over the years, and because of this they have many more exciting projects secured for the coming years.