Dedicated staff are what make a company succeed, and we think we have the freshest, most dedicated team in the industry. Each of our staff fill the role of being a Good Bugger, and will provide you with friendly, efficient service. We look forward to getting to know you and your project.


Daniel Pepperell Daniel Pepperell

Daniel Pepperell

Son of Mark, and the young gun of the industry, Daniel is the driving force behind the company's growth and development. His official title is Business manager, but prefers to be called a Good Bugger. He is also disappointed he has fallen to 3rd place in the company arm wrestling competition.

+64 27 4845103
Mark Pepperell Mark Pepperell

Mark Pepperell

Founder, human encyclopedia and guru of the industry, Mark is invaluable to the culture of this company. He is the original Good Bugger! He blames technology for everything, but admits you just can't live without it!

+64 27 4945773

Office Manager:

Lorraine Walsdorf Lorraine Walsdorf

Lorraine Walsdorf

Lorraine brings a woman's touch to the heavily male office. Her friendly personality and polite manner are what you will receive when speaking with her. But don’t be fooled! She keeps her own by impressing everyone with the Harley Davidson she rides!

+64 7 834 1514